LARAH TEE | 10 Signs You’re Entering Adulthood Now That You’re 24
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Signs You're Entering Adulthood

10 Signs You’re Entering Adulthood Now That You’re 24

You wake up, reach for the alarm, wash your face, get dressed, grab whatever’s in the fridge and start your day. Then you realize you’re 24 and entering adulthood. How did time fly so fast?

Entering Adulthood – Are You, Are You Not?

It seems like yesterday when you were 21 and still carefree. Hey, you’re young so why not? You hear people complain or shy away from telling their real age and you don’t know what the deal is. Like, why can’t people just tell their real age? Then you reach 24. And that’s when you understand everything.

If you just turned 24 like me, you might be able to relate to the dreary signs you’re entering adulthood and that YES, THERE IS NO TURNING BACK.

1. No More FREE ATM’s

I’m not talking about the plastic cards you use to encash money but I’m talking about the hand-open, respectful, I-have-the-right-to-ask kind of ATM. If you still don’t know what I mean, it’s when you ask your parents for money. Cebuanos call it ATM in short of “Ay Ta Ma” or “Gae Ta Ma” cause we normally ask our Moms for Money.

When you’re 24, you realize that your parents are getting old and instead of you asking for money, you should be the one giving them. And it’s not a casual giving where you send money every 3 months, but it’s every payday. “Table’s turned, honey. It’s payback time.”

2. You Actually Think Before You Act

And I mean ANY kind of act. Whether you’re buying these clothes or not, going out with friends or not, doing this or not, sleeping in or going to work and etc., You understand that whatever you do NOW can have an effect on you later, be it good or bad.

You know what happens when you sleep in and clock in late for work. It’s not just about being late. Not being able to do something because you chose to procrastinate says something about you. And this time, it’s no longer because you’re young and inexperienced but because you just chose not to.

3. Bills Bills Bills

Now you understand why Mom and Dad can’t give you the money for your allowance without adding some sermons on how you should spend it. Unlike before, now you have to pay the bills yourself, whether your wallet is ready or not. Whenever you receive your paycheck, the thoughts that come to your mind is no longer about what you want to buy but what you need to pay.

4. Your Groceries Makes Sense

You remember that time when you were so addicted to chips, sodas and whatever food you think is delicious then you buy it? And you skipped the “non-food related aisle” cause you know Mom buys them anyway. But now, you reach the grocery counter with actual foods, soap, cleaning materials and etc., No more chips and sodas. Alright, maybe a little bit but certainly not all.

5. You Often Find Yourself Talking Like Your Mom or Dad

Statements like, “Back in the days…”, “When I was young…”, “When I was your age…” often come out of your mouth when you’re talking to younger people.

6. You Wish There Are More Than 24 Hours A Day

Cause you’ve matured enough and life is giving you too many tasks to do, sometimes you wish there are more than 24 hours a day. Like, why is there only 24 hours a day anyway?

7. Holiday? What Holiday?

You only notice it’s already summer time cause of the people posting through your social media network. Man, you’ve forgotten how it is to actually have a 2-month summer break and come back to school like as if you’ve been born-again.

Oh, how we miss those times.

8. Feeling Old

You’re not actually old but you’re FEELING old. You see these teenagers having the time of their life, young, foolish but very energetic. You once were their age. But now, you laugh and secretly judge them while they stroll along the road, feeling so cool holding hands with their girlfriend/boyfriend like as if they know life already. “HAHA. No, you don’t.”

9. More Concerned About What’s Actually Happening Around You

You used to not understand why your parents watch the news all the time. There are more fun shows like, “Moon Drawn By The Cloud” or if you’re like me who likes to watch variety shows, “Family Outing”.

But now, headlines like “PRRD Asked Pia What She Thinks of Bla Bla Bla” intrigue you. And you scold your younger brother/sister to death like how your parents used to scold you when you come home late cause you’re worried about their safety.

10. “Now I Understand Mom/Dad”

You have a tingling feeling of guilt whenever moments of truth hit you. You used to not understand and rebel whenever Mom or Dad confiscates your phone or sets a time for you to come home. But now, you slowly understand them and the struggles they’re going through supporting you in every possible way they can.

You’re 24 and now you understand why people won’t talk about their age. You’re 24 and you’re now slowly taking life one pace at a time cause now you actually think. Sure, there are still decisions that are not best but now you know how to handle them calmly.

You’re 24 and you’ll be 25 soon. You’ll add more things to your little book of life soon. And this book of life, you’ll share to your kids and grandkids and you secretly hope they’ll understand you. But you know they might not. Like how you didn’t understand your parents and grandparents before. But you also know, one day they’ll do. Like how you’re understanding things now.

What do you think? Are there more signs you know that you’re entering adulthood? Let me know in the comments section below or visit my Facebook page for any comments!


  • Emily
    Posted at 09:11h, 08 May Reply

    Haha. And I read this and think to myself “finally! The kids are growing up ” LOL

    • Larah
      Posted at 18:05h, 08 May Reply

      HAHAHA. I knew it!

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