LARAH TEE | 3 Steps To Enjoy Your Instant Ramen
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3 Steps To Enjoy Your Instant Ramen

Alright. Almost all people by now who I talk to at least once a week should know I love ramen. In general, I love noodles but mostly, I love ramen. Not the sweet, non-spicy kind of ramen but those with a kick. 😀 I talk about it when I’m hungry, when I’m with people who share the same addictions or when I think of food. It’s the first food that comes out of my mouth.

I started getting really addicted to it when I was watching Naruto (ye ye. I USED to be an anime addict). It’s Naruto’s favorite and watching him eat ramen is too much, I had to try it too. But going to restaurants just to satisfy my cravings wouldn’t do. So, instant ramen it is. I particularly like those Korean ramens like Shin Ramyun. They’re popular for a reason. 😉

Some people do not share my passion towards ramen of course. Some do not like the spiciness, the saltiness or because it’s a pre-processed food. But if you want to try those instant ramens you can easily find in 7/11 or in the imported sections of grocery stores, here are a few tips you can do to enjoy your ramen!

1. Throw In Some Eggs!

If you’re cooking instant ramen, don’t be too boring by not putting anything in it. The most basic add-on are eggs. You can put it while your noodles are cooking or just when your ramen is cooked. That means, your egg is raw and you have to enjoy breaking the yolk and mix it with your noodles!

But however you want to cook your egg, I’m sure you’re going to love to add it on your ramen!

2. Get Creative!

Most of the people I talk to get somehow surprised when I tell them what to mix with ramen. For almost 4 years of eating ramen, I learned of different creative ways for me not to get bored with it. If I want to balance the dangers of eating ramen, I mix a lot of vegetables with it. Tofu, mushrooms, bokchoy are the main vegetarian ingredients I put in my ramen.

3. Sidedishes!

If you’re feeling so hungry and luxurious, eat your ramen with side dishes. I’m saying luxurious because Korean side dishes are way expensive. I buy a kilo of kimchi for 220php and it only lasts a week. Haven’t tried buying pickled radish but I can tell it’s another mouthwatering side dish. With that said, if you don’t have access to those side dishes and creating your own seems impossible, you can have cucumbers as your side dish.

Once you’ve tried all those tips, I’m sure you’re gonna love your ramen as much as I do. You can look up on the internet on the many other ways to enjoy your ramen. I recommend following Cookat, a Korean channel for all Korean food. It’s just so convenient to eat when you don’t want to cook.

Any DIY Ramen recipes you want to share? Let me know in the comments section below!

*featured image via Cohencentric
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