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Etceteras / 09.11.2017

You stand in the middle of a crowd, aware of their existence but unable to feel them. Are they real? Or is your mind in mayhem? Then there's a throbbing pain inside you. What is this? You try to think what it is. Your brain is telling you that everything's alright But you feel like you are being torn into pieces. Anesthesia doesn't work like that, you say. Anesthesia make your body numb, where are you drifting away? You dived in deeper. Where are you going? And what's that flowing? Then you remember. Remember him? Remember her? Remember them? This, that, those. Do you remember? No, I don't. You do. But it doesn't matter. Because...

Etceteras / 11.05.2016

"I want nobody nobody But You I want nobody nobody But You Nan dareun sarameun sirheo niga animyeon sirheo I want nobody nobody nobody nobody" - Wonder Girls Quoted above is a lyrics of Wonder Girls "Nobody But You" which reached popularity in 2008. Then we have 2NE1's hit single "Fire", and of course, who would not know PSY's very famous "Gangnam Style"? The song reached 1.393 Billion views on youtube surpassing Justin Bieber's, "Baby". So, what do we know about K-Pop? K-Pop is an abbreviation of Korean Pop. It's introducing Korea's music and culture. This K-Pop fandom started in 1992 when the boy...