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Relationship, Wedding / 02.08.2017

Marriage definitely is beyond what a single person can understand. That's what I realized after 2 years of being married. But if there is something I am always very thankful of, it is that I married the man who was always there for me. My best friend, Noah. So when the day he asked me, I never doubted. I said "Yes" in a split second. I was convinced.
Life, Relationship / 26.05.2017

Counting my footsteps, praying the floor won't fall through again. Any my mother accused me of losing my mind but I swore I was fine. -Taylor Swift There's no explaining it. You love him. You love him with everything you have and you can't afford to lose him. One day he can make you feel like the luckiest person alive but the next day he can turn it all around and bring out the worst in you. Today he'll bring you roses and chocolates but tomorrow and the next day you'll be running home alone and wet from the rain from a worthless fight with...

Life, Relationship, Work / 02.05.2017

You wake up, reach for the alarm, wash your face, get dressed, grab whatever's in the fridge and start your day. Then you realize you're 24 and entering adulthood. How did time fly so fast? Entering Adulthood - Are You, Are You Not? It seems like yesterday when you were 21 and still carefree. Hey, you're young so why not? You hear people complain or shy away from telling their real age and you don't know what the deal is. Like, why can't people just tell their real age? Then you reach 24. And that's when you understand everything. If you just turned...

Life, Relationship / 11.10.2016

How did you view me 3 years ago? You could have saved me. But there was no saving. You didn't know you were superman. And I didn't know I'll be the villain. There was no "WE" or "US". We were just citizens living in the ville. And I didn't look at you as how I look at you now. How did you view me 2 years ago? You were a little too late. I'm already the villain but you didn't know. You were superman. You looked at me like how I look at you now. And you thought there was saving....