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Dear Ling(1)

Dear Ling

You might have never known this… but I have always been so proud of you.

One thing I’m realizing now is that we’re slowly being who our mother and aunts were when we were very little. Women who are busy in the kitchen talking about family life, fashion, skin care and etc., It seems like yesterday when I bullied you for fun, when I dragged you out of sleep just because I need someone to get crazy with and when I was the only one who was there for you. Sometimes, I still forget how old you are now and I still treat you like you’re the same 16 year old who always clung to me. But yes, just as I am accumulating years, you are also growing into a fine lady.

We grew up in such harsh environment – you know that, where compliments are rare and harsh words mean compliment. I never tell you (just because) but I always tell everyone how proud I am of you. I must admit, I was never the perfect example for you. I was a troubled teenager, we grew up in a broken family and it must all be confusing for you just as how it was very confusing for me. But Ling, thank you. Jehovah knows how relieved I am that you’re trying and giving your very best in his service. That although, life is very tough for you now, you still go out and help other people. You still make your friends laugh, in fact, you make everyone around you feel comfortable.

You used to always beat yourself on how you’re nothing compared to your sisters. How you can’t be an honor student like our eldest, can’t be creative like Lor, can’t be as crazy as me. But look at you now, you’re exactly everything your sisters never were. You’re living the best life EVER. So stop sulking if you’re not as pretty as me. Get over it. 😛

Really, thank you. Thank you that although we tease you with the person we shall not name, you never had a boyfriend in your entire life. Thank you for filling your thoughts with more important things (such as paying the bills. HAHAHA). You know where your sisters and I stand on that so please, continue being a good example to the next generation and to your nieces. <3

I am really happy that you’re slowly evolving into a fine lady. And although it hurts to admit that you’re no longer the little sister who follows me everywhere, I am happy to see that you’re slowly finding your own place. I am definitely going to miss the times when I acted as your guidance counselor and financier, (well maybe not the financier part).

I can’t wait to see you grab that gold above you. Get it, bask in it and Jehovah will surely bless your efforts.

Congratulations on graduating from the PSS!


-Manang Honey

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