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Our Bumpy Bubbles

One night, my husband came home with a sleeping puppy in his arms. We long planned his name and that night, he was finally with us.

Raising A Dachshund | Our Bumpy Bubbles

During the first year of my marriage, fighting loneliness was troublesome. My husband works 9 hours a day and that doesn’t include the time he takes for travel + getting ready to work. Sometimes, a few overtimes. I work at home so I was mostly alone. It was a bit of a challenge since I was adjusting to everything and unlike before, I have my little sister to bully around when I get bored (if you don’t get that this is a joke, well, it is).

I started asking my husband for a child when it’s not what we both wanted. So we figured, why not just get a dog? At first, I was a bit hesitant as I know that I am not really the person to take care of other people. How much more if it was an animal. But the loneliness just got worst and so I said Yes.

July 2016, 1 month before our first wedding anniversary, my husband came home with Bumpy. A cute, 3 month old dappled dachshund with huge feet and blue eyes. He was very shy then. Since he was a surprise, we didn’t have any bed for him so we had to put him in a card board box which he didn’t fit in.




I was very happy. He mostly slept all day and just woke up to eat but having him around really lifted my mood. I was excited to hear his bark and see him run. Of course, I knew he was going to bite/chew some things so we pet-proofed our little apartment as much as we could. But the little monster that he is, he was still able to find stuff to destroy. Shoes, bags, plastic wares, wires and even my work table have all been under Bumpy’s teeth but I just couldn’t be mad at him.

Raising Dachshund1

How can you be mad when he’s looking at you with his very sorry eyes?


Unlike what we read on the internet, Bumpy is very trainable. We first taught him how to fetch. When he mastered that, we taught him how to sit, behave and keep quiet. Recently, we even taught him how to go inside the house without us chasing after him. It did take a lot of time to master because of him being a hound, but we got there.

Playful and Liveliness

Dachshunds are very lively and playful. Bumpy often play with strangers which was a bit alarming to us cause he wouldn’t bark at strangers but instead, waggle his tail and play with them. It didn’t last long though. Soon enough, he started barking at strangers – specially to people he doesn’t like. I was a bit surprised how he can read good people from those who are not-so good people. But still, he’s such an “FC” (Feeling Close) dog. He’d cry if we chain him whenever we have visitors. He’d always want to be pet and cuddled even when he haven’t met our visitor yet.

He’s very lively that it’s hard for us to keep him grounded when he’s outside the house. It used to be an issue because he was young but now it’s mostly because he is a hound dog. His nose distracts him most of the time.


Oh yes, dachshunds have attitude. I know, because Bumpy has given me a lot of those attitudes. The first month he was with us, we bought him a collar. He started sulking and we didn’t notice it until he stopped eating, stopped running around and wouldn’t even listen to us. My husband and I panicked until we thought it might have been the collar. And voila! As soon as we removed the collar, he was back to being bumpy – jumping around and playing with us. To really prove our theory, we put his collar back and boom, he looked like he died.

Bumpy sulking because of his collar

Bumpy sulking because of his collar

We removed the collar until he was old enough to understand what collars are for.

He’s also showed me a bad side of his attitude. I was able to discipline him only for a short period of time. When he grew older, he’d growl at us and looking at his growling face really scares me. So I’d wait for my husband to come back home and discipline him. One time, he even attacked me when I was disciplining Lucy (a rescue dog we adopted).

There’s a lot of cons of taking care of a dog. But just like motherhood, there’s also a lot of pros. Bumpy understands when I’m sad and tries to cheer me up when I’m down on the floor crying. He would lick my tears and stick his head around my arms hoping his cuteness will take all my worries away – which most of the time works.

He knows when I’m in front of the computer too much and asks for attention. He also does a lot of other silly things I wish I can capture but alas, I’m not too much into documenting.

Most people will probably not understand why I love Bumpy so much. I’ve grown too attached to him and yes, I’ll probably cry the day I lose him.

Follow @bumpythedachshund on Instagram to see more of his pics!

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