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Life / 02.05.2017

Unstable and restless. Giddy and nervous. Nauseating, perspiring. With every stride that I take, an equivalent feeling of hopelessness adds burden in my mind and shoulders. With every breath I nervously take, I feel an inch of me breaking away, disintegrating, to be blown away by meager wind. Only if I could disintegrate right now, to vanish and reappear somewhere else, to the destination held in my mind. A trickle of sweat rides on my cheeks like blood dripping from my head. Another drop slides down the small of my back and I could not deny the not-so-gradual rising of my pressure....

Life / 12.02.2017

When my husband and I got married, we both agreed not to have a child yet until we're both ready and we're adjusted to our new roles in life as husband and wife. That decision later evolved into "not having a child as much as possible" because it takes a lot of resources (spiritual, financial, emotional and physical) and personally, I am not up for the job. Practicality wise, it wouldn't be a good decision. But I cannot deny the fact that I want a child of my own, specially a male child. A boy who looks, thinks and acts just...